Oils & Balsamic

The main ingredient in our products is either oil or vinegar. Some contain a minimum concentration of infused essential oils; it is for this reason that our products are considered to have only one ingredient. Make no mistake, even in small quantities - there's no shortage of taste!

All the flavours are the product of different natural extraction methods: maceration, purification and infusion. No artificial products are used.


Extra virgin olive oil

We offer a range of mild, medium and full-bodied extra virgin olive oils as well as citrus, and infused olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oil is an oil in its purest form; it lost nothing by the filtration process and nothing was added to it artificially. Filtration reduces the amount of molecules naturally present in olive juice and its peel, without filtration the oil retains all its beneficial properties.  

Our citrus oils have been fused with the ingredient that goes into them. So, it means that the olives and the rocket ingredient are pressed together to create a high quality extra virgin rocket olive oil. This process is possible with ingredients that naturally contain a large amount of citric acid such as citrus fruits and hot peppers.

Our oils have all been tested with a multi-residue pesticide panel in a third-party laboratory certified by the advice of olive oil international (COI). This ensures food safety and further guarantees our customers healthy and pesticide-free oils in all cases. Read the page " Organic or conventional HOEV " for more information. 

Infused olive oils

Italian Lemon Olive Oil is made with extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina olive and lemon essential oil.

Chipotle Olive Oil is made with naturally smoked peppers, the extract of which is added to a high quality extra virgin olive oil. This is what creates the rich and explosive flavour of this oil!


What are the ingredients?

Balsamic vinegar

The balsamic vinegars which are in the traditional Condimento de Modena PGI style are made from grapes, water and a little red wine. Grapes are therefore the only source of sugar in these vinegars.

Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegar is made from lemon juice that undergoes reduction before being combined with white balsamic vinegar.

Mango balsamic vinegar is made from mashed fresh fruit combined with white balsamic vinegar.

Italian Herb Balsamic Vinegar is made with a blend of fresh herbs crushed and then infused with balsamic vinegar.

Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar is made with real Turin cocoa powder. It is she who gives it a rich and deep taste.

Italian espresso balsamic vinegar is actually made from roasted and extremely finely ground coffee beans. One serving (15 ml) of this vinegar and you'll have the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee!


Our olive oils and balsamic vinegars do not contain the following ingredients:

  • gluten
  • sodium
  • added sugar
  • sweetener
  • food coloring
  • artificial flavors
  • thickening ingredients
  • condoms  
  • dairy products *

       * Butter olive oil actually contains no dairy. It's made from a patented plant that tastes like butter.


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