Watch out for fake black olives!

In the publication of February 2, we discussed the “Californian process” which is used to make firm black table olives. Here are two documentaries of about 3 and 6 minutes each that explain the process in more detail, as well as why these firm black olives should be avoided.

Documentary from a French scientist (only available in French)

Complementary documentary from Radio Canada following the previous video (only available in French)


To remember

The naturally black olives ripen for three months before being picked. They will therefore have a more developed taste than green olives and they will also have a soft, shrinked appearance similar to dried dates (see top image). Be careful, read the ingredient list of the black olives you are thinking of buying, and beware of cheap olives.

To avoid

Avoid canned olives with mention of " ferrous gluconate " or " E579 ". Note that these olives are often used on pizzas and in salads. 

"Fake black olives"

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