News | Rising prices for the international olive oil industry

It is in a spirit of openness that we would like to share with you the challenges many of us in the retail industry are experiencing at this time.

International business has only worsened since the start of 2021. There are systemic price increases internationally for the olive oil industry as well as for a wide range. raw materials and components, not to mention rising wages in factories. 

We waited patiently to see if the waters would calm down this summer, only to receive further rounds of price increases from suppliers in almost every category. For example, the price of olive oil from the Mediterranean region has increased by more than 30% compared to last year. In addition, the cost of shipping from Spain, Italy and Greece has more than doubled. The cost for shipping containers from China has increased by 400% to a hefty $ 24,000 per container; which drives up the price of glass bottles and packaging materials. Unfortunately, a price increase may be expected in the near future. We will do our best to minimize the impact by keeping our prices as low as possible.  

In addition, due to lack of space on the boats and delays at ports, it was not possible for us to receive our last bottle order for this year. So we prefer to advise you that it is highly possible that our 200 mL bottles will no longer be available during one of your future visits, until we can obtain an ocean container or the 'we find another supplier. The availability of our oils and vinegars may also be affected, but let's be sure that you can always find something to your liking with us. 

Finally, in order to minimize all these impacts, we are proud to inform you that we now accept returns of all empty Olive & Balsäm bottles of size 200 mL and more for reuse. We will wash and disinfect the bottles on site. 

Thank you for your understanding and support.